tiberCAD is the simulation tool chosen for the modelling tasks in the following EU FP7 Projects.


SMASH: Smart nanostructured semiconductors for energy-saving light solutions

website: cordis.europa.eu/result/rcn/55211_en.html
years: 2009 - 2012

Aim: to bring together complementary expertise across Europe to establish disruptive material technologies and processes based on nanostructured compound semiconductors to realise the key market drivers for the broad penetration of Light emitting diodes (LED)s into the general lighting market: high efficiency and low cost.

The overall goal of SMASH has been to establish new material solutions and process technologies based on nanostructured gallium nitride based semiconductors, for low-cost, power-efficient light sources for the general lighting market.


NEWLED: Nanostructured EfficientWhite LEDs

newled project logo

website: www.newled-fp7.eu
years: 2013 - ongoing

NEWLED will develop high efficiency and high brightness monolithic and hybrid all-semiconductor WHITE light-emitting GaN-based diodes.

Power losses due to phosphor conversion and the problem of different ageing rates of the GaN LED pump will be eliminated by the development of phosphor free structures with increased brightness (power emitted per surface per angle).