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What's new in tiberCAD 3.0

New Features

  • upgraded to libmesh 1.0.0, PETSc 3.6.2, SLEPc 3.6.2

  • implemented MPI parallelization: MPI communicators can be assigned to devices and modules

  • k-integration can parallelize automatically

  • implemented quaternaries alloys can now be used for atomistic simulations

  • contacts can be now defined as a boundary region internal in a physical region (e.g. edge in 2D surface)

  • kp based band parameters now explicitly use all available bands to calculate the carrier densities, instead of extracting effective parameters for a single parabolic band

  • kp and etb optics modules can now use gaussian line shape, in addition to lorentzian shape

  • Bug Fixes

    • fixed a bug in dssc_generation

    • fixed a bug for strain corrected bulk band parameters

    Distro Compatibility

    This release has been tested on the following Linux distribution:

    • Debian
    • Fedora
    • Ubuntu

    There's a bug in the installation process under CentOS. We're working to fix it.